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Cool Status for Whatsapp in English

Best Compilation of Cool whatsapp status in English for Whatsapp users who love changing their Whatsapp Status with unique whatsapp status in english. Whatsapp, the #1 Messaging App who is the most popular amongst its users worldwide as it has provided its users with two of the awesome options to keep themselves engaged with the App:

  1. Change your Whatsapp Status Regularly
  2. Change your Whatsapp DP Regularly
Cool Status for Whatsapp in English
Cool Status for Whatsapp in English

This post is for all the Whatsapp users worldwide who have been searching for the best compilation of cool whatsapp status and that too in english. So Go ahead and pick the one status from the below shared collection of cool whatsapp status which you like the most to use as your New Whatsapp Status.

Cool Status for Whatsapp in English

Below you can find good collection of Whatsapp Status in English that are really cool. just copy the one you like the most and click on the Status Link in your Whatsapp profile interface and paste the status to update.

I will win not Immediately, but Definitely !!!

Whenever I think of quit smoking, I need a cigarette to start thinking !!!

Failures are the pillars of Success, Never Give Up !!!

I am not drunk, I am just chemically un-balanced !!!

I`m not a virgin, Life fucks me everyday !!!

I do get less, but I get the best !!!

It really hurts watching the one you love, love someone else !!!

Hey There, I am getting used by Whatsapp !!!

A sense of humor makes a man perfect !!!

I`m not crazy, I am just special !!!

I can see you checkin my whatsapp status !!!

Unique Whatsapp Status in English
Unique Whatsapp Status in English

Keep Calm and Enjoy Life !!!

We Fall in Love by Chance, We Stay in love by Choice !!!

Its lovely listening to lies when you know the truth !!!

My Attitude will always be based on how you treat me !!!

If you like me then raise your hands, If you don`t then raise your standard !!!

If Attitude could kill, I could be a weapon of mass destruction !!!

I love walking in the rain because no one can see me crying !!!

I love my haters, They makes me famous in no time !!!

My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at” !!!

Thanks for reading this complete post about Cool Whatsapp Status which you can use to update your Whatsapp Status in English. If you liked the compilation, we shared dont forget to spread it amongst other Whatsapp users under your roof.

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