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Short Love Quotes for Him from the Heart

Short Love Quotes for him from the heart of every lover [girlfriend] for her boyfriend or husband. Love Quotes are the piece of words taken together to express our feelings to whom we love the most in our life. On whatsapp, it has become a trend between lovers to send short love quotes. is an entertainment website especially for the youth and hence we are pleased to share Top Short Love Quotes for Him which every girl can use to send her boyfriend on whatsapp.

Short Love Quotes for Him

Love Quotes for him from the Heart

Below you can find the top 31 best Short love Quotes for him to send from the heart. You can use these love messages for your lover to send on Facebook or for Whatsapp. You can use these text messages to sms even in Night as Good Night Love Messages for your boyfriend or husband.

  1. My heart is perfect because… You are inside.
  2. You have NO idea how fast my heart races When I see you.
  3. I smile Whenever I get a message from you.
  4. My heart longs for you, my soul DIES for you, my eyes cry for you, my EMPTY arms reach out for you.
  5. Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again.
  6. My Sweet prince I still fall for you everyday.
  7. If love was a Storybook, we`d Meet on the very first page.
  8. You are my world.
  9. 8 billion people in the world; and he is the only one I want.
  10. Forever is a long time, but I wouldn`t mind spending it by your side.
  11. Between our laughs, long talks, stupid fights, and jokes… I fell in love with you.
  12. There is only 1 thing 2 do, 3 words 4 you, I Love You.
  13. I love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.
  14. I just want to say you, I love you so much…
  15. If I did anything right in my life, It was when I gave my heart to you.
  16. You broke my heart but I still love you with all the pieces.
  17. He`s not the only guy in the universe, but he`s the only one that matters.
  18. I don`t want a man to validate me or take care of me. If I have a man in my life, I want him to enhance me.
  19. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you`re yet to be.
  20. You ask me what you are missing?! I`ll will tell you read the first word.
  21. Distance is`nt an issue because in the end, I have you.
  22. Love is not about how many days, months, or years you`ve been together. LOVE is how much you love each other EVERY DAY.
  23. It is because of you, my angel, that I now understand all of those quotes about love.
  24. To Me, You are perfect.
  25. You never realize how much you like someone until you watch them like someone else.
  26. I keep myself busy with things to do, but everytime I pause, I still think of you.
  27. I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.
  28. I can`t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
  29. Everyday I spend with you, becomes the new best day of my life.
  30. Every Love Story is beautiful, but Ours is my favorite.
  31. At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

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